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From Moo Roo to Mary Norton, growing our brand has been a wonderful and exciting journey. Here you can learn about what inspires my collections, get insider fashion tips, find out what is going on at Mary Norton and be the first to know which celebrities are carrying my bags or wearing my shoes. Come join me on this adventure!
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Moo Roo Renew’s Bag of the Week

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Moo Roo Purse - Mademoiselle GigiFridays have always been one of our favorite days of the week. They mark the beginning of the weekend ahead, which for the Moo Roo Renew team usually involves bringing handbag creations to life, hunting for furniture finds, and most importantly, interacting with y-o-u!

This Friday is extra special, though, since we’re kicking off a new addition to the blog: Moo Roo Renew’s Bag of the Week.

In the spirit of the holidays and gatherings galore, we wanted to introduce you to one of our favorite bags, whom we fondly refer to as Mademoiselle Gigi. Isn’t she lovely? Mary found Gigi on one of her travels to Paris and has been in love with her ever since. Gigi is especially great for this time of year. Her classic look make her easy to take from a day in the office to cocktails with the girls. She’s great to take a long to meet the parents, or a perfect gift for Christmas. Put simply, Gigi is your “go to” girl for the holidays.

Stay tuned for more on the latest Moo Roo Renew creations. In the meantime, you can view other beauties here. Happy Friday!

Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Moo Roo Back on King Street!!

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I am thrilled to announce that Moo Roo bags can once again be found back on King Street in Charleston, SC!  I am happily creating a small collection of one-of-a-kind Moo Roo bags for an exciting new venue on upper King Street:




427 King Street



I have featured two groupings:  Moo Roo Classic Collection which has everyone’s favorite’s including flowers, feathers and bridal.  I am also showing my Moo Roo Renew Vintage Collection which is my passion for re-purposing exquisite vintage bags into fantastic new creations.   Each bag, from either collection,  truly is a wearable work of art (even if I do say so myself)!

Please stop by or call in to The Art Mecca of Charleston and see not only my work, but the extraordinary creations of all of the amazingly talented other artists that I have the honor to show with.

Fall Frosting Collection

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Not only do I travel to exotic foreign places in my imagination, but I also do a lot of time travel while day dreaming as well. This autumn I was deeply inspired by Papa Doc..Ernest Hemingway and the matadors and senoritas of his 1920’s Spain. That same decade another author, F.Scott Fitzgerald, also moved me with The Great Gatsby and the fabulous deco movement of the era. The Frosting collection is my homage to to the images that these two great authors invoked in my mind as I read their amazing books.

Please join me on Wednesday, September 19th at 10-11am and 5-6pm EST on HSN as I premiere my Frosting Fall Collection of handbags and accessories live. If you can tune in I will be explaining what inspired me to design each piece, if not, you can still purchase all of the items on line as well as some amazing sale and clearance items at (type Frosting by Mary Norton in the search bar).

Deco Dome Satchel Tote

Sevilla Fringe Hobo

Matador Computer Case

Thank you all, as always, for all of your love, support and help over my career.

Frosting Summer 2012 Collection on HSN

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Please join me as I premiere my new summer bags and accessories live on HSN

Tuesday May 1st at 5-6pm EST and Wednesday May 2nd at 7-8am and 8-9pm EST.

There will be discounts on many of the spring items as well that are not on the HSN website so make sure that you tune in to grab the new items and the great deals!


Thanks for being the best customers and fans ever.  See you in a few days!



Frosting Spring Collection

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WEDNESDAY MARCH 14th 11am and 11pm EST

Please join me on HSN live for the premiere of the

2012 Frosting Spring Collection.

It is simply divine and delicious.  The colors are all shades of rainbow sherbet.


The are peacock feathered scarves, bags with pierced hearts, leather gardenias, and 3-D butterflies!  I ADORE THIS COLLECTION.  I have attached a few photos below and the link to the HSN website is on the main page of this site.  Please call in and say howdy.  I love to hear from y’all (as does the brass at HSN).  There will be specials and other clearance items that will not be on the web, so definitely tune in. -Mary

First Anniversary at HSN

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Wow! I truly can’t believe that it has already been a year since I asked for all of your prayers and support for my first show on HSN.  This will be my fifth round of shows and I am by no means seasoned!  Each time I am sure that they are going to kick me off and tell me never to come back again!  So far I have only cussed once..damn, I have probably jinxed myself for this time!

My favorite things about doing the shows are the cool dressing rooms (which totally make you feel like a movie star) and the professional makeup (which again makes me feel like a glamazon)!  My least favorite things are that I get horrible sweaty palms before every show and my first few sentences with the host I usually say something completely moronic and am in a total panic.   Watch and you’ll see and laugh…I look like a total deer in the headlights for the first few seconds.

Inside Scoop on Shooting Live:  There are 7 cameras and I can never figure out which camera is being used, so a guy literally has to jump up and down behind the live camera to show me (this makes me laugh and I feel a bit like a diva that I need this, but oh well, that’s show biz and bad eyesight)!

The Hosts:  Everyone asks me about the hosts…yes, they all really are super nice.  I haven’t had one who I haven’t  liked working with, which is saying a lot since many of my gigs have been at 3 or 4 am!  Some are more brusque than others, some like to “play” more but all LOVE their jobs, so it makes it great fun for me.  Sorry no dirt here.

Lastly, PLEASE KEEP UP THE PRAYERS dear friends.  As I understand it, to build a brand and customer base with HSN takes three years.  This is pretty much in line with what I have learned over the years in building Moo Roo and Mary Norton.  Therefore, I have only just begun.  I need lots of love and help from all of you out there.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for the support you have given me in my life and career.  I am truly a blessed woman.  So Happy Anniversary to Us All!


Best Leather Cleaner!!

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Hey All-

Thanks so much for making my HSN visit such an amazing success!  I had a blast on air.  I hope you all loved the bags and accessories.  As promised, here is my leather cleaning secret:

It is an aerosol carpet cleaner you can get at nearly any super market.

It is called Spot Shot!  

Directions for Use:  When you have dirt or stains on your leather bag, take a clean, soft cloth and spray a bit of SHOT SPOT onto the cloth (not directly onto the bag) and clean the bag with the cloth.  The stain or dirt will come off wonderfully without damaging the leather.  Do not rinse or do anything after working with the  Spot Shot.  DO NOT USE SHOT SPOT ON THE LINERS this is only to clean the leather.

Don’t forget to enter our Frosting Contest (below in Blog) to win a free bag!

I love to hear your feedback on Facebook or here on my Blog, so please stay in touch. Thanks again to all of you Frosting Gals for your support and enthusiasm for my new brand.  We deserve to have our cake and Frosting too!!



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Hey Everybody,

Today is America’s Birthday.  It is a time to celebrate all of the accomplishments of the last year.  Although it remains a challenging time economically, the future seems to look just a bit brighter with Bin Laden gone, the recession starting to abate and soldiers beginning to come home to their families.  I thank God to live in this country for all of it’s flaws, as I have traveled around the world and know what an extraordinary place America is.  This is not solely due to the spectacular geography of our land, but because of the American people and our generous, gregarious, adventurous, kind-hearted spirits.  Too often we hear of how terrible we are as a people.  However,  take a look around at your friends and neighbors, offer a smile to a stranger, and see how quickly it comes back.  This is a wonderful country and I truly am proud to be an American.  I thank all of the men and women who have made it possible for me to live in a free society without fear of worshiping in the manner I please, speaking of what I choose to address, and love whom my heart adores.  God truly does bless America.

Happy July 4th, 2011

Mary Norton

Frosting Facebook Page Contest

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Hi again Frosting fans! Wanted to let you know about a fun Frosting giveaway I’m doing on our Facebook page.

The prize: a signed bag from my July collection on HSN.

How to win:

  1. Post a picture of yourself with your favorite Frosting product on my Facebook page. Tell us a little about why you like that particular product.
  2. Get your friends to come “like” your post, and I’ll choose my favorite to receive a signed bag from the July collection.
  3. The contest ends on the 30th of July.

Other notes about the contest:

Oh – and here are a couple of my favorite bags. Click any of them to shop online today!

Leather Grommets Hobo Bag

Frosting Leather Lace Satchel

Leather Lace Satchel

Leather Paillette Bag

Leather Paillette Bag

Thanks, Mary