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From Moo Roo to Mary Norton, growing our brand has been a wonderful and exciting journey. Here you can learn about what inspires my collections, get insider fashion tips, find out what is going on at Mary Norton and be the first to know which celebrities are carrying my bags or wearing my shoes. Come join me on this adventure!
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Category Archives: Celebrity Pals

Me & Ashlan Gorse

Fond Memories of being at the Academy Award earlier this year, a friend just sent me this photo of me and Ashlan Gorse just before we taped our red carpet segment on E! that was a total success.  I’ve just returned from Italy, then LA (WHEW!) and will be posting some pictures of my travels […]

The Oscar Ladies Get Mary-ed

Now that we’ve all seen what fabulous ladies did wear Mary Norton, what about the ones who didn’t?  Here are some leading ladies who get the Mary Norton makeover.

My Trip to the 2009 Oscars

As I told my best friend, Lisa, I definitely felt like Cinderella coming home from the ball after my week at the Oscars! It has been a crash back into the real world, but I sure did have a blast while in LA. Here are some of the highlights of my week: Stayed in my […]