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From Moo Roo to Mary Norton, growing our brand has been a wonderful and exciting journey. Here you can learn about what inspires my collections, get insider fashion tips, find out what is going on at Mary Norton and be the first to know which celebrities are carrying my bags or wearing my shoes. Come join me on this adventure!
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You Can Shop Early Or Stay Up Late!!!

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Hey Guys lots of great news!!!  My newest summer collection is posted on the HSN website and is already selling like hotcakes.  Here’s a link to the online storefront.  The even better news for you smart ones that are reading this is that July is HSN’s birthday month and they run all kinds of surprise specials for the month.

Therefore JUST FOR MY LIVE APPEARANCES THERE WILL BE INCREDIBLE DEALS AND SPECIALS! For example one bag that normally retails for $279.90 will be selling for $167.90 when I am on the air.  So tune in or loose out. I will be on the early morning of July 4th at 3am EST, the early morning of July 5th at 2am EST and then later that night of July 5th at 7pm EST. Have a cocktail (or lots of them), stay up late and play with me for America and HSN’s birthdays!  You deserve a little Frosting in your life!

Shop Frosting today at


Dancing with The Stars

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I was pressed into service by friends to help the Lung Association here in Charleston raise funds.  I had three weeks to learn this dance routine and had never danced a day in my life prior to this event.  I FELL IN LOVE WITH BALLROOM DANCING! It is such a blast.  So if you are looking for a great, relaxing, fun thing to do. Pick up ballroom dancing at your nearest Fred Astaire studio.


HSN Boot Camp Completed

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Wow!!!  What a couple of days….  What an operation HSN is….. 

I don’t mean to sound brain washed and indoctrinated, but as a person who has grown a few businesses, I AM TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY IMPRESSED AND IN AWE.  At HSN they make running a mega-organization that is going on 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, seem completely easy and effortless!

In bringing “Frosting” to HSN I really feel like I am joining a fun family.  Everyone from the janitors, to the phone operators, the guest coordinators, the producers and the directors made me feel completely welcome and at ease.  They also ALL seemed so jazzed about the “Frosting” product.  I’m not sure if they are all trained to do that with everything they see (if so, they are really good at faking it).  The campus is supercool and efficient.  The studio set up is amazing (5 high definition cameras), state of the art lighting, great sets, and very clear direction from the staff for newbies like me. 

The team at HSN under the direction of CEO, Mindy Grossman (the reason I am at HSN), has really done miracles to change the image and direction of television retailing.  They have defined HSN as a luxury expierence that allows you to shop from home, having the designer in your living room to assist you, rather than bothering to go out and hassle with department stores where they have the same old stuff that you can find at all of the other department stores (yawn)!  You really need to check out some of the things they are doing and the brands that she is bringing onto the network.  It is quite and extraordinary line up.  Hell, I’m there need I say more!

Anyway it was more like a camp of glam boots and baubles than boot camp.  I feel pampered and loved.  Can’t wait to get on air and show y’all the amazing “Frosting” line.


HSN Here I Come!!

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As many of you may know by now, I am lucky enough to be launching my own one hour show on HSN (Home Shopping Network) on:

November 11 at 5pm EST
and then later that night for the insomniacs
November 12 at 3am EST

I have just arrived in St. Petersburg, Florida where I will complete two days of HSN boot camp as my training for my live performance next month.  I will be tweeting and blogging over the next two weeks as I count down the days to the big event.  Join me on the journey building up to and the launch of “Frosting by Mary Norton” on HSN live on November 11th!

Charleston Home + Design Article

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Hi Everybody!  Please forgive my terribly long absence in blogging.  I promise to be a much better blogger from now on.  I wanted to share this great article on me and my home that came out in Charleston Home + Design.  I was honored to be included.

Charleston Home + Design Article Reprint (PDF)

Catwalk for Kids Video

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Our friends at PDA have put together this wonderful video of this years Catwalk for Kids luncheon. If you haven’t seen it already, check it out, below:

Elle Decor Visits Charleston

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Elle Decor has a wonderful travel feature about Charleston; where to stay, where to eat, and where to shop (including Mary Norton!) For a wonderful glimpse at our beautiful city take a look…


“The original 17th-century settlers of Charleston spent years exploring the southeastern coast of the U.S. looking for a spot to call home. But by 1680 they found this hospitable harbor, and tidy cobblestone streets soon took root, along with houses with inviting verandas designed to catch cooling breezes. More than three centuries later, the South Carolina city is still an ideal refuge. “I go every month,” says Eric Cohler, a Manhattan-based interior designer who bought a circa-1809 home here, complete with a hoopskirted ghost, a few years ago. ‘I just fell in love with the atmosphere, the people, the food—the whole vibe.’ ”   Read Entire Article at>

Me & Ashlan Gorse

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Fond Memories of being at the Academy Award earlier this year, a friend just sent me this photo of me and Ashlan Gorse just before we taped our red carpet segment on E! that was a total success.  I’ve just returned from Italy, then LA (WHEW!) and will be posting some pictures of my travels on the blog soon.


XO Mary

Southern Women

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Hi Mary Norton Sisters,

A bit of fun and lore about Southern women.  Although I am not originally from the South, I do so enjoy being a pseudo-belle and living in my beloved Charleston.


Southern women appreciate their natural assets:
Clean skin.
A winning smile.
That unforgettable Southern drawl.

 Southern women know their manners:
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Yes, sir.”
“Why, no, Billy!”

 Southern women have a distinct way with fond expressions :
“Y’all come back!”
“Well, bless your heart.”
“Drop by when you can.”
“How’s your Momma?”

Southern women know their summer weather report:

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Charleston Fashion Week Photo Galleries

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