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First Anniversary at HSN

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Wow! I truly can’t believe that it has already been a year since I asked for all of your prayers and support for my first show on HSN.  This will be my fifth round of shows and I am by no means seasoned!  Each time I am sure that they are going to kick me off and tell me never to come back again!  So far I have only cussed once..damn, I have probably jinxed myself for this time!

My favorite things about doing the shows are the cool dressing rooms (which totally make you feel like a movie star) and the professional makeup (which again makes me feel like a glamazon)!  My least favorite things are that I get horrible sweaty palms before every show and my first few sentences with the host I usually say something completely moronic and am in a total panic.   Watch and you’ll see and laugh…I look like a total deer in the headlights for the first few seconds.

Inside Scoop on Shooting Live:  There are 7 cameras and I can never figure out which camera is being used, so a guy literally has to jump up and down behind the live camera to show me (this makes me laugh and I feel a bit like a diva that I need this, but oh well, that’s show biz and bad eyesight)!

The Hosts:  Everyone asks me about the hosts…yes, they all really are super nice.  I haven’t had one who I haven’t  liked working with, which is saying a lot since many of my gigs have been at 3 or 4 am!  Some are more brusque than others, some like to “play” more but all LOVE their jobs, so it makes it great fun for me.  Sorry no dirt here.

Lastly, PLEASE KEEP UP THE PRAYERS dear friends.  As I understand it, to build a brand and customer base with HSN takes three years.  This is pretty much in line with what I have learned over the years in building Moo Roo and Mary Norton.  Therefore, I have only just begun.  I need lots of love and help from all of you out there.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for the support you have given me in my life and career.  I am truly a blessed woman.  So Happy Anniversary to Us All!


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